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Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

This page details a list of questions frequently asked by visitors to this page.
Remember we are keen to hear from you with any comments, suggestions, or questions etc you may have, so please send us a message using the form @  
flick an email to  , or text message me on 0477 224 212
How can I book a tour?
FORM on CONTACT page @
3.BUY@ .
There are many options to book a tour, and at Thunderstruck top trails perth we are open to considering any ideas you might have.

The STORE section listed in the MORE tab is a good place to see the basic options on offer, but remember this is just a guide and we are open to considering other types of tours, and fee options.

We are keen to accept payment by;
1. DIRECT DEPOSIT to our bank account, just use the CONTACT section to ask for Bank Details to do that.
2. CASH at the venue.
3. Stripe account.