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  TRAILBLAZER Of Perth Going Up Now on the trails near Perth, Western Australia

Kattamorda UP Run Mission,  and Youtube channel exploration

Youtube channel exploration genesis 25th July Anno Domini

Kattamorda Up Run on 19th July done in 5 hours 4 minutes, with the last 2 hours rather nocturnal.

Was able to follow the Kattamorda from Bickley to near Victoria Dam, Canning Rd, up through WNM to Patterson Rd, Walnut Rd. Followed the new version of the Munda Biddi from Walnut Rd alongside Lockwood Rd to Gungin Rd, then Mt Gungin. Then the tricky section past the powerlines and via "Mercury St" to the Dell on Mundaring Weir Rd, followed the KHT most of the way to the Weir, with some slight detours around the Aborigines sign section, and the Bibbulmun track near the Weir dam, to the Weir Hotel and Jacoby Park, then followed the KHT closely up to Mundaring. The last 90min was nocturnal with a headlamp, and total time on the trail 5hrs 4minutes, with strava moving time listed as 4hrs 17min. It rained a fair bit, but was a fairly successful UP run, and probably the most accurate UP run in recent times, although the section near the Weir was slightly off track in a few spots.

A significant milestone, but still more to be done to have a more accurate UP run in place, but this was very close to fully accurate to the 1988 route in my opinion. An accurate DOWN run with less MundaBiddi deviations is a logical next mission along with some minor tweaks to the UP run route.

Kattamorda free event 23rd July

A few new KHT markers were uncovered.

New markers found near the dam overflow and the Weir Hotel.

Six of us explored the Kattamorda and MundaBiddi with great success in discovering  the KHT!

A fantastic morning exploring the Kattamorda Heritage trail. Four of us made it as far as the Aborigines sign, while the other two headed for the MundaBiddi for a section. We also explored parts of the Bibbulmun, Oconnor Trail, Weir Walk, Kep Track, and Munda Biddi. An amazing day, and hopefully the first of many.

Sunday July 9th @ 0645am.
Meet at Mundaring Sculpture park carpark, corner of Jacoby Street, and Nichols Street.

Historic Kattamarda exploring Sunday soon.

Meet at Mundaring Sculpture Park sign on Jacoby St (corner Nichols St) about 6.45am on the Munda Biddi trail to experience the remnants of the legendary Kattamorda trail for a free out and back trail run. 1872, 1975, 1988 and 2017...

Years of significance including the 145 year old Munday bridge in Bickley (6hrs) ....bring hydration pack and drinks. Discover more than a century of trails treasure! Come for 30min, 90min, 3hrs, 5hrs or 7hrs... Bring sufficient drinks , leave car in Mundaring. Maps will be available.

Kattamordo Exploring

145 Yr old wooden Munday Bridge

On 25th June 2017 ADI located the Munday bridge which I have visited previously a few years ago with an excellent trail running group.

Bickley/Victoria Dam Kattamorda Exploring

On 25th June 2017 A.D. I went on a 4 hour run around the Bickley Dam and Victoria Dam area to locate remnants of the Kattamorda trail which is now also known as the Kardamordo Trail. Rediscovering the oldest wooden bridge in Australia which I had seen a few years earlier and was restored in 1988 as part of the Bicentenary project was a major priority which I eventually achieved.

Ben H. is probably one of the best local "trailmasters" for the Bickley trails. Another person who knows the Bickley trails well is Bernadette. She is a famous world class trails expert (7th at UTMB in recent years and Bibbulmun Track (almost 1000km from Kalamunda to Albany) recordholder . She has recently been restoring the 27km Kardamordo trail from Mundaring to Bickley with some assistance from Perth Trail Series connected people. I have been inspired and intrigued by te development of this project in recent weeks. Its an epic and historic route steeped in various versions of usage in more than a century!

To Be continued...

On the trail to Victoria Dam
Bickley trails of interest near the Kattamordo
Quadcruncher, Red Triangles, and more.